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Ryuha Introduction

Kokusai Jujutsu Renmei

Japan Kobudo / Koryu Bujutsu World Federation (JKWF)

This organization was founded on 1st November 2004. Kobudo or Koryu Bujutsu means traditional Japanese martial arts, which have been studied for over 100 years continuously since first being founded. The founder also had to receive some traditional school’s Menkyo Kaiden (grandmaster ship or at least mastership). JKWF already lists up 24 Ryuha, this number will increase. JKWF was created so that individual Ryuha can be studied.

As already introduced on this website each Syllabus and Dan techniques from Genbukan and Kokusai Jujutsu Renmei are formed by a school that has been handed down from ancient times. Here is more about each school that we will introduce in detail.

Ryu Ha

The “Ryu Ha” of the Amatsu Tatara arts represent the traditional techniques from ancient family schools that developed over centuries. Based on different sections of the numerous Dragon & Tiger scrolls, each historical lineage or “ryu” has a particular teaching focus or “ha”. These differences stem from a myriad of contributing factors ranging from the occupation and background of the ryu ha’s founder to the geographical region in which the ryu ha was developed.

Over 2000 years, only the strongest and most effective schools and Densho survived to this day. Understanding this, it is easy to appreciate the significance of an unbroken line lasting 58 generations. Even our younger ryu ha started more than 500 years ago, but many progressive teaching refinements have constantly been made. The original kata have always been and will always be the same. The “refinements” in how the art is taught must adapt with the times.

You can see the introduction of each school and the details about the school practice from the menu.

Ryu Ha – Qualifications

In the Genbukan and KJJR, members who have attained 3rd Dan are allowed to study these traditional schools as they were originally taught. Some exceptions are made for members who wish only to train in the traditional arts but the study must be approved directly by Grandmaster Tanemura. Generally, the member must display adequate skill and dedication by attaining 1st Dan in Genbukan Ninpo or KJJR Jujutsu.

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