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New Dojo Application

Students / Instructors from other organizations

People wishing to join GWNBF / KJJR / JKWF from another organization, who hope to retain the same grade, may test for the appropriate grade. This applies until 1st kyu, but from Shodan onwards, every grade must be tested by the grandmaster, and there will be a special fee for the certificate.

Honbu may award an honorable black belt, to instructors from other organizations, who wish to join GWNBF / KJJR / JKWF and bring their students with them. The instructor must then study all of the Kyu Waza before testing for Shodan, when they will receive their Shodan certificate.

For those instructors who wish to join GWNBF / KJJR / JKWF / ATWF, but cannot come to Japan, Honbu will introduce another Dojo-Cho as a director. This director will act on the Grandmasters’ behalf, in instructing and guiding the new member.

It is acceptable for an individual to continue to belong to another martial art organization, provided the GWNBF / KJJR / JKWF / ATWF President/Grandmaster has agreed it. However, no other Ninpo / ninja organizations are acceptable. An individual in this organization can either belong to GWNBF or not belong to any ninja / Ninpo system.

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