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Koryu Karate


The following techniques are video excerpts from Grandmaster Tanemura’s official training videos. The actual videos and CDs are full size, high quality, and contain extended footage of all of the techniques in each level.

Koryu Karate, 9th Kyu – Buy Now!

Tachiai Rei (.wmv)
Tsuki Kata (.wmv)
Uchi Harai Uke (.wmv)

Koryu Karate, 8th Kyu – Buy Now!

Tsuki Kaeshi Kata (.wmv)
Hicho-no-Kamae Kata (.wmv)
Katate Soto Hazushi (.wmv)

Koryu Karate, 7th Kyu – Buy Now!

Hiza Geri (.wmv)
Hane Kaeshi no Kamae Kata (.wmv)
Hangeki-Ho (.wmv)

Koryu Karate, 6th Kyu – Buy Now!

Tobi-Geri (.wmv)
Gyaku-Nage (.wmv)
Sokko Fumi-Ori (.wmv)

Koryu Karate, 5th Kyu – Buy Now!

Hiji Ate (.wmv)
Ura Kote Gyaku (.wmv)
Katate Seoi Nage (.wmv)

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