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Chi-E is the first of three books that illuminate the teachings of the Amatsu Tatara tradition, revealed as a direct teaching from Grandmaster Tanemura Shoto.

The books are written by Martin O'Raghaillaigh, who has received this knowledge in the traditional form of Kuden (secret teachings from teacher to student), to aid Grandmaster Tanemura Shoto's mission of opening these beautiful teachings to the world.

The Amatsu Tatara tradition has been passed on in an unbroken lineage that predates the dawn of many orthodox belief systems. The tradition is preserved in sacred scolls and densho (secret books). The knowledge however is transmitted to each new generation heart to heart in the form of oral teachings and physical techniques.

Grandmaster Tanemura Shoto is the 58th Grandmaster of the Amatsu Tatara tradition. He is also the Grandmaster of Ninpo Bugei, the highest level martial training in the world, which is closely tied to the Amatsu Tatara throughout history.

It was the warrior priest who has preserved these traditions with true defense of mind, body and spirit.

"You do not have to believe this way, it is your choice, only listen because these are Grandmaster teachings".
-Grandmaster Tanemura Shoto

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