COVID-19 Notice :  Due to the influence of the coronavirus, there are now restrictions on shipping goods from Japan.

Effective until further notice:

  1. We currently can NOT make any shipments to any of the following countries :
    Nepal, Mongolia, Maldives, Iraq, Cyprus, Kuwait, Syria, Bahrain,
    Guatemala, Cayman Islands, Saint-Bierre and Miquelon, Panama, Honduras,
    Martinique, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Guyana, Venezuela,
    Guinea, Comoros, Sibuti, Chad, Central Africa, Niger, Burkina Faso, Benin, Mali, Mauritania.
  2. For countries that we can still ship to, in many cases our shipping options have been severely limited.
    Please be fully prepare for the shipping time to be up to one to Maximum 4 MONTHS.

We will do our best during this time to ship products as we can. We will continue to update this website message as the emergency conditions change.