Kotoh Ryu Koppo-jutsu Shoden Densho


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Densho means special secret book. This book contains ALL true Shoden patterns from Kotoh Ryu Koppo-jutsu complete with color photos. Explanations are in both English and Japanese.
Kotoh Ryu is a famous school of Koppo-jutsu (means born techniques and the founder was a young woman named Cho-Gyokko who hit her opponent down with just one punch) and is also known as the secret techniques of Iga Ryu Ninjutsu/Ninja.

Takamatsu Sensei taught this Ryu-ha.

Kotoh Ryu Koppo-jutsu Shoden system is organized according to Kurai-Dori/Kamae Kata (5 styles), Atekomi-Gata (11 kinds) and Shoden-Gata (18 patterns).
After one mastered this Shoden-Gata, next will start Hekito-Gata and Chuden-Gata, which titles are explained in this Densho as a special gift.