Black Belt Member Pin – Amatsu Tatara Design


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Tanemura Sensei has designed a special gold pin for his black belt members. The source of the design is from one of the Amatsu Tatara treasures.

The pin is shaped in a star, similar to the star used for the KJJR logo. This star has 8 points with red circles on the tips. The meaning of this is golden light radiating out in 8 directions and the red tip equals the sun.

In the center of the star are three circles, as a spiral, which has a special meaning. Inside the circles is the kanji 忍 Nin, which means patience in its entirety. If you can be entirely patient, without getting angry or upset, then you can receive spiritual power.

The pin can be worn by any black belt member from any of our organizations: ATWF, GWNBF, KJJR or JKWF. But only members who have achieved at least Shodan in one of the schools may wear the pin.

The pin is 1.6mm x 1.6mm. It is made from copper and is gold plated.