KJJR – How to Join

Kokusai Jujutsu Renmei

Grandmaster Tanemura has fostered a worldwide network of expert Jujutsu instructors. Soke welcomes new applications from both aspiring and experienced martial artists. Here is how to join:

  1. Download the KJJR Application form for the KJJR.
  2. Fill out the application completely and attach two passport sized photos.
  3. Use the dojo locator tool on the bottom left of this site to find the nearest Dojo-cho (school leader). In the event that you cannot locate a Dojo-cho in your area, expand your search to surrounding areas and look for a teacher with the Shibu-cho (regional leader) title.
  4. Address an envelope to the Dojo-cho or Shibu-cho and enclose within: your application, two passport photos, and a check or money order for $35 written out to the school you are sending it to. In the event that you wish to join both the Genbukan and the KJJR, it is necessary to fill out both applications, include another set of photos, and change your check amount to $50.
  5. Send your application(s) to the Dojo-cho or Shibu-cho. Ideally, you should contact the intended school prior to sending your application in order to receive answers to any questions or to receive any special instructions.

For students who wish to join the organization but do not have a school near enough to attend, you may train by studying Grandmaster Tanemura’s official videos / books and also attending Tai Kai events. At the Tai Kai events you will receive instruction from certified instructors as well as the Grandmaster himself. Testing will also be conducted at these events so you may receive official certifications.

For students with ranking in other schools who wish to join the Genbukan, it is still necessary to test through the KJJR kyu levels from the beginning.

For teachers with their own dojo who wish to join, you may wear an honorary black belt but you must still master and test for the kyu levels. Advanced teachers who can demonstrate mastery of the kyu levels may be given permission to test directly for black belt, but only after being checked by Grandmaster Tanemura and receiving his permission.